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Already common parlance in every Radical Circle, "The ROC" (as it is usually referred to) is The Radical Owners Club, based here in the UK, the Home of Radical Sportscars.

Since the formation of the Radical Owners Club in 2008, ROC has one principal objective; to maximise it's Members enjoyment of Radical cars in each and every respect, creating a wide range of opportunities for Club Members, such as Exclusively Radical Trackdays, the 'ROC Sprint Championship 2010' and of course, access to this Website, including it's Member Only Gallery & Forum Areas; A Website that is the font of all knowledge of All Things Radical, from Owners, Drivers, Mechanics & Genuine Enthusiasts with firsthand experience of Radicals: The Place for finding out everything and anything about each and every Radical, developing driving skills, buying and then maintaining a Radical, buying and selling new and used parts etc etc,

Although we like to think that one day you (or yours) will, you do not have to be an existing Radical Owner/Driver to join ROC; you may simply aspire to be in that position in the future or (usually by having watched them perform!) you may simply want to become more immersed in/know more about the very fast World of Radical. If you are genuinely enthusiastic about Radicals, then you will be more than welcome! And do not worry or be embarrassed about not knowing that much at all about Radicals right at this moment in time; even the most experienced and knowledgeable ROC Members knew next to nothing at some point in time, however distant!

There has never been a better time to get into Radicals and therefore to join The ROC with it's wide fraternity of genuinely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful Members.


New to Radical?

So you may think that if the people that already own them are that 'dyed in the wool' committed to them, there must be something pretty special about piloting a Radical.

You'd be right, but make it spectacularly special!

If you haven't already seen one, sooner rather than later you will see a Radical at a trackday lapping at an incredible pace, usually leaving six figure supercars in its wake. Having seen a Radical's pace, you'll probably want to know exactly what is involved in buying and running a Radical, which Radical would be best car for you and just what makes a car as special as a Radical actually a sensible proposition. For a car that can 'see off' something like a £1m BTCC Car, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Since the formation of Radical Sportscars in 1996, new cars have constantly been updated and developed making a Radical the ultimate road, track and race car.

As well as making seldom equalled trackday and/or no holds barred road registered cars, Radicals are fully competitive in Circuit, Endurance, Sprint and/or Hill Climb racing. Whatever way you want to go fast, a Radical can do it (and probably already has); the Radical Sportscar model range is extremely wide and versatile  and all of them are blisteringly quick, supremely capable and absolutely effective.


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